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Excelsior District Parking Summits

[Editor’s note: The final Parking Summit meeting was in February 2012. These Parking Issues pages were created between June 2008 and February 2012, so some of the information presented here may now be obsolete. Sadly, the parking problem in the Excelsior District remains and, if anything, is even worse than it was in 2008. Despite the many hours of effort put into the Parking Summits by community activists, there was very little followup on the part of The City, and little was accomplished to alleviate the problem. Politicians paid lip service to the issue but it was one they and The City’s bureaucracy regarded it as a “hot potato” and were unwilling to wrap their hands around. In addition, there was considerable opposition to any change of any sort in the neighborhood, and in the end most of the proponents of the summits simply gave up. I’m leaving these pages related to the Parking Summits in place as a historical footnote. [ed. December 2012].

So why are these strange people inserting fliers under my wiper blades, who are they and don't they realize that parking problems in the Excelsior are as inevitable as taxes and potholes on our streets? Perhaps. But here's the scoop for folks that are interested in at least attempting to begin addressing what surveys consistently show many of us consider a major issue in our neighborhood.

This is a project sponsored by Supervisor John Avalos and the Excelsior District Improvement Association.  We hope to address questions you may have about parking/parking laws, explore some possible solutions to our parking issues and provide a forum where your parking concerns can be aired.

More information on parking rules & regulations, and frequently asked questions.

View and or download our neighborhood trilingual flyer

The initial parking summit was held at the Mission Child Care Consortium at 4750 Mission Street on Tuesday, June 29, 2010, with a follow-up workshop at the same location on Saturday, July 10, 2010. The second summit focused on possible actions and solutions to the district's parking problems. A final community meeting was held at the Excelsior Playground Clubhouse on February 25, 2012.

We have archives of photos taken at Summits 2 and 3, but, unfortunately, none taken at Summit 1.

Community Parking Summit 2 photos

Community Parking Summit 3 photos

The Community Parking Summits were supported by the New Mission Terrace Improvement Association and the Outer Mission Merchants and Residents Improvement Association, as well as the EDIA and Supervisor Avalos' office.