The Near Far Away

Residents of the Excelsior are sometimes thought of as insular by our neighbors in other parts of town. Our quaint costumes, unique folk dances, peculiar driving habits, fondness for high fat foods, willingness to park in virtually any unoccupied space, proclivity to paint murals or graffiti on all vertical surfaces, antipathy to chain stores, and stubborn resistance to succumbing to a vision of San Francisco as a place dedicated exclusively to the care and feeding of the well heeled, can cause us to be perceived as idiosyncratic, resistant to the tide of progress and the dictates of culinary correctness . To refute these calumnies we here provide evidence of our willingness to engage the wider world of the non-E by showing some favorite non-Excelsior locales that we consider more than worthy of our support and patronage.

Traveling to the southwest, we arrive at the unique:

Cayuga Park & Playground

To the West we find a little treasure on Monterey Boulevard (currently under renovation so most of these should be considered "before" snapshots. We have recently added some "under-construction" snapshots.)

The Sunnyside Conservatory

Still just south of us following Mission Street we find:

Eva's House

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