On a beautiful late October afternoon, in 2007 residents of a number of our neighborhoods in District 11 (and elsewhere) are photographed building art and maybe a bit of community one tile at a time at the Crocker Amazon Playground Tile Installation. Kids, adults and those somewhere in the middle cut, apply, and clean tile having previously designed the installation all under the watchful eyes, and resilient knees and backs of Linda Harte, Linda D'Avirro and Grace D'Anca of FACE and Susan Cervantes of Precita Eyes Muralists and numerous other folks who over the past many months have gotten the grant and organized the work parties that are making this vision a reality.

It is hard to fathom the energy, time and talent that is committed by a few individuals to make a project like this happen and where their motivation comes from mystifies us but we suspect these are the folks whose names should be attached to some of our public works and institutions. Due to the complexity of design, based in part on the exuberant input of our youthful artists, the project took a good many months to complete. It is now finished and you are encouraged to visit this neighborhood gem at the corner of Moscow and Geneva Avenue.

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