First Town Hall for Supervisor John Avalos

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John Avalos, 415-359-8367
Raquel Redondiez, 415-244-9734

Place: Excelsior Youth Center, 163 London Street

When: March 7th, 10-12noon

San Francisco--- Supervisor John Avalos, the newly sworn-in District 11 Supervisor held his first Town Hall meeting , March 7th, at the Excelsior Youth Center.

The meeting focused on the need to develop community-based violence prevention strategies and was well attended

This town hall is the third in a series of community initiated meetings focused on constructive solutions to public safety in District 11.

The Town Hall was also be attended by City department representatives who presented brief reports and answerd questions from the public. Captain O’Leary of the Ingleside Police Station was on hand to give updates on violent crimes statistics in the neighborhood, on current efforts to reduce crime, and on recent homicide cases.

This Townhall was organized with the support of the local YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and other Excelsior-based groups and residents.